Three River Stadium I

Barney Dreyfuss Plaque

Barney Dreyfuss Plaque

Moved from Forbes Field


Three Rivers Turf

First Postseason Game

on Artificial Turf

October 3rd, 1970

Dave Giusti

N.L. Fireman of the Year

Dave Giusti (PIT)


1971 Bob Gibson

No Hitter:

Bob Gibson (STL)


vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (11-0)

1971 WS Game 4 TV Night Game

First Televised Night Game

in World Series

Orioles vs. Pirates

October 13th, 1971

Honus Wagner Statue

Honus Wagner Statue

July 21st, 1972

Moved to PNC Park


1972 Roberto Clemente

3,000th Hit:

Roberto Clemente

September 30th, 1972

Joe Torre


Joe Torre (STL)

vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

June 27th, 1973

1974 AS

July 23rd, 1974

National League 7

American League 2

1976 John Candelaria

No Hitter:

John Candelaria


vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (2-0)

1987 Mike Schmidt

500th Home Run:

Mike Schmidt

April 18th, 1987

Doug Drabek

N.L. Cy Young Award

Doug Drabek (PIT)


1992 Mickey Morandini

Unassisted Triple Play:

Mickey Morandini

September 20th, 1992

Roberto Clemente Statue - Three Rivers

Roberto Clemente Statue

July 8th, 1994

1994 AS

July 12th, 1994

National League 8

American League 7

Combined No Hitter:

Francisco Cordova (9)

Ricardo Rincon (1)


vs. Houston Astros (3-0)

Jeff Kent


Jeff Kent (SFG)

vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

May 3rd, 1999

Jason Kendall #18


Jason Kendall (PIT)

vs. St. Louis Cardinals

May 19th, 2000

Stargell Last Pitch

Willie Stargell Throws Out

Ceremonial Last Pitch

October 1st, 2000