Baker Bowl I

Mike Tiernan


Mike Tiernan (NYG)

vs. Philadelphia Quakers

August 25th, 1888

1888 St. Louis Browns

Hosted World Series

Game 6

New York Giants (NL)

St. Louis Browns (AA)

Last Neutral Site World Series Game

October 22nd, 1888

Piggy Ward.jpg

Piggy Ward (Bal)

Reaches Base a Record

17th Straight Time

June 19th, 1893

1894 Baker Bowl

Baker Bowl Destroyed by Fire

Phillies Play Six Games

at The University of Pennsylvania

August 4th, 1894

Billy Hamilton

Seven Stolen Bases

Billy Hamilton (PHI)

vs. Washington Senators

August 31st, 1894

Bill Duggleby

“Frosty” Bill Duggleby

Grand Slam in First At-Bat

April 21st, 1898

Red Donahue

No Hitter:

Red Donahue

July 8th, 1898

vs. Boston Beeneaters (5-0)


No Hitter:

Jeff Tesreau (NY)


vs. Philadelphia Phillies (3-0)

1915 WS

Red Sox Defeat Phillies

Win World Series 4-1

October 13th, 1915

Cliff Heathcote


Cliff Heathcote (STL)

vs. Philadelphia Phillies

June 13th, 1918

Jimmy Johnston 2


Jimmy Johnston (BKN)

vs. Philadelphia Phillies

May 25th, 1922

Pie Traynor


Pie Traynor (PIT)

vs. Philadelphia Phillies

July 7th, 1923

Jim Bottomley


Jim Bottomley (STL)

vs. Philadelphia Phillies

July 15th, 1927

Chuck Klein


Chuck Klein (PHI)

vs. Chicago Cubs

July 1st, 1931

Pepper Martin


Pepper Martin (STL)

vs. Philadelphia Phillies

May 5th, 1933